Developer Package for Sale in Playa Negra

Own 50 Hectares / 123 Acres for Sale in Playa Negra, Guanacaste! This developer package  is located in Playa Negra, a stunning, dark sand beach well known for amazing surf! Its right-hand barrel is extremely popular in the surf community, and surfers frequently travel to this spot to experience it! Playa Negra is just a short drive from Playa Avellanas, also known as Costa Rica’s “Little Hawaii.” This area is an extremely popular region of Costa Rica, and any development is sure to enhance the area further!

The opportunities for this land are endless, so any project or development are bound to be a success. Playa Grande is less developed than its more popular neighboring beachtown, Tamarindo, but is growing at an exponential rate. Tourists as well as locals are beginning to populate the area, and Playa Grande is a flourishing town.

Endless Opportunities for Playa Negra Land

Guanacaste is the northwestern province of Costa Rica and is home to the authentic ranch and farming lifestyle of the country. Aside from cowboys and horses, Guanacaste is also famous for its world-class surf. Tamarindo is the second most popular destination in Costa Rica, after Jaco, which is located in the Central Pacific of the country. Over the years, Guanacaste has becoming increasingly more popular, bringing tons of locals and tourists to the area.

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