New Flights are Bringing the World to Costa Rica

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New Flights are Bringing the World to Costa Rica

Since the beginning of 2018 the introduction of new flights has created an incredible 96,501 additional seats on routes into Costa Rica. And according to the country’s tourism bureau the ICT, visitor numbers are already up compared to last year. January 2018 saw a 3.4% rise on last year, while tourist entry numbers for February 2018 are up 4.8%. Visitors from Europe have shot up over 11% on last year, while American arrivals are up by nearly 6% for the first two months of the year!

All of this means It’s now easier than ever to travel to Costa Rica and the future is looking brighter than ever for the country’s hoteliers. The way the numbers are looking, it may be the best time ever to go into the Costa Rican hotel biz!

1. Europe

Go back a couple of years and Costa Rica had just one direct European flight with Iberia landing in Spain. Today we’re up to eight direct flights to the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands! In April 2018 Evelop Airlines also started flying direct to Costa Rica from Portugal, adding an additional 3,268 seats.

A crucial factor behind these increased European visitors and additional flights has been the “Costa Rica. My Choice, Naturally” campaign which has brought together tourism branding experts from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), CNN International and Costa Rica’s ICT tourism body.

Costa Rica’s Minister of Tourism explained that, “For the first time, we have a public relations agency in each of our four major issuing markets: France, Spain, Germany and United Kingdom. We are carrying out studies of better prospects in these markets, transforming our presence at international fairs, reinforcing cooperative campaigns and strengthening our strategy to attract airline companies.”

2. USA

It isn’t just European arrivals that are growing thanks to easier flight connections. For the US market, Alaska Airlines is leading the way with a bold decision to offer daily flights during the months of June, July and August.

Also on the cards for the summer is the start of a new route with Avianca Airlines from the Costa Rican capital San Jose to Orlando in Florida. The flight will operate three days a week starting from August 2nd and is expected to further boost visitor numbers from the U.S.  

  1. Latin America

Latam airlines, which has been operating in Costa Rica since the beginning of 2018, has just added an additional flight to its route to Lima, Peru. This brings the airline’s total to an impressive four flights per week on this route.

Other regular flights to and from South America include a daily flight from Panama City to San Jose with Air Panama. Also useful for visitors wishing to hop around this breathtaking part of the world are the recently introduced Wingo flights which connect Guatemala and San Jose three times a week. These are also very affordable with roundtrip fares ranging from $124 to $156.

These changes mean that it’s now easier than ever to travel to Costa Rica without the hassle of long layovers and stressful transfers. And this means visitor numbers will just keep growing. It’s fantastic news for the country’s hoteliers and would-be investors. In fact, it’s a future so bright you might even need shades.

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