5 Ways to Make Your Costa Rica Hotel Business Succeed in 2018

running a successful hotel in costa rica

5-Ways to Help Your Costa Rica Hotel Be More Successful in 2018

1. Guest Experience is Key

We’ve talked about it before, great service and great hotel rooms are still as important as ever to travelers.  But the new buzzword around having thrilled guests is:  “The Experience”. This #1 on our list isn’t exclusive for 2018, but we feel forever, especially in Costa Rica. We aren’t just talking about guest touch points, user-friendly website or the front desk experience, but an actual unique “Experience”.

Swimming with sharks anyone? A day at a Costa Rica Coffee Plantation? How about watching turtles lay their eggs at night, as the little guys scrambling down the beach to the safety of the water…in person, not on the National Geographic Channel. Those are “Experiences”, the kind people will remember forever, and tell (brag) their friends about on Social Media and everywhere they go.

2. Your Hotel’s Personal Electronic Touch

As a traveler is moving along their purchase journey, the desire to feel a personal connection to a destination is now a must. You may have noticed but there are Endless ways to book a hotel room.

With over 70% of travelers yearning for personalized ads that create a unique user-experience, you can boost your positive online reviews and online bookings which always translates in a positive way to the Hotel’s bottom line.

The use of personalized content and online interactions with your hotel guests and adding a few extra special touches will make your hotel stand out from all the others. Dare to go the extra mile, it’s worth it.

3. A New Hotel Buzzword, We Say It With “Bleisure”

Ah, technology. Can’t live without it, and that includes when we are traveling. Today phones and laptops allow people to work from literally anywhere. So today many travelers are now mixing business with pleasure. For entrepreneurs, why not stay at a luxury boutique hotel in Costa Rica for 10-days for a nice blend of business and fun under the sun…as your colleagues back home in the winter cold.

Or if your business meetings in Costa Rica are only 3-days, stay a few more days and enjoy some Pura Vida. You’re already here, why not hit the beach or climb a volcano, just for fun.

Almost 50% of travelers are extending their business trips for personal leisure time now.  Highlighting how your hotel’s location is near all the amazing natural amenities of Costa Rica creates a sense of desire for travelers as they are planning their business trip. Find out when and where local conventions are and use some strategic marketing or social media to find people who would like a little Bleisure.

4. Be Mobile Friendly, or Else

Here is a question, when was the last time you were in a public space, airport, restaurant or plane and didn’t see most people on their phones? People under 35 look at their mobile phones over 50 times per day, and the luxury crowd, 35 on average.

When it comes to marketing your hotel, over 50% of your emails and E-marketing will be opened on a mobile device.  A mobile friendly website and easy to read and easy to use online booking are not only important they are critical for your hotel to succeed today.

5. Go Video and Grow

Are you one of those hoteliers that are not convinced video marketing is the way of the future?  If you are reading these 5 ways to grow your revenue in 2018, you probably know it’s important, but are you using it?

Here are a few statistics from our friends at Hubspot – a marketing firm we respect and use:

  • Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.
  • By adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates up to 300% or more!
  • Embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%…nothing else will be that effective.
  • This is a biggie – 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.
  • And so is this -64% of customer are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.
  • 59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post.

As travelers move away from travel agents and go it alone online for motivation and information as they plan a trip, a good video is becoming the best way to tell your story, and book more room nights.

We hope you can use this information on how to increase revenue at your hotel in Costa Rica, or wherever. If you need any help with any of these marketing and programming tools, let us know.